To provide next gen marketing platform for all livingethnic users.

Our Company

Being from the ethnic community we understand the ethnic community needs and the limitations of the current marketing services. We focus on providing one affordable marketing channel for all ethnic marketing needs for ethnic community.


With our 3E strategy, we allow any ethnic retailer (big box or someone working from home) to

  • Establish their business.
  • Entice their users to increase traffic to their stores.
  • Engage their customers to increase loyalty for their products or services.

With our easy to use mobile app, we provide a shopping companion for our ethnic users that allow them to save while they shop.

Our Services


End User

  • Users can search for offers based in various categories such as groceries, spa services, employment service, restaurant etc.
  • Users can filter offers based on locality and ethnicity.
  • Get notified on time sensitive offers.
  • Share the app with your friends and see your saving grow.

Our Pricing

Our mobile app for users is free for download.

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